April - Susie Joyce - PLACEMENT

Artist Susie Joyce talks about how important the placement of objects is and how some things one finds have special interest, feelings, intrigue and meaning.  


















2017 - Duchamp 100 Years Later


Artists are invited to participate in Duchamp 100 Years Later.  

It is 100 years since Duchamp presented his infamous urinal Fountain, to the art world.  This act of iconoclasm changed the history of art by allowing artists complete artistic freedom and because it posed serious philosophical, artistic and social questions about the nature of artistic creation, which are just as relevant today.


Now in 2017 The Mr Tut (an anagram of R Mutt) Collaboration advances modern art with a work which takes Duchamp’s Fountain and makes it relevant to today's global issues. This, says the Duchamp historian, Calvin Tomkins, is needed now. PeaceWar is the beginning of Peoples Post Modernism when artists move on from art world self-absorption and make works of art of depth and spiritual resonance which unite humanity, as art is supposed to do.


Please submit well considered ideas which take art into the next century. Selected artworks will be exhibited at the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout during 2017. There will be a prize for the best idea.




mr tut