Designed to prompt ideas and thinking, to dissipate fears of the blank canvas. To build confidence by investigating drawing, printing and sculptural techniques and on the third day producing a piece of work – an installation, drawing or sculpture. There will be a helpful critique at the end of each session. The beach location will provide

much inspiration.  



Each 3 day course costs £270 inclusive. 9 days of courses of  your choice adds up to the Aldeburgh Academy Summer Diploma. Please email us via the contact form to make your booking, or ring 01728 452754 for more information.

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Foundation Pathway: Fine Art Friday 4th-Sunday 6th August

Day 1

The session begins with a short PowerPoint presentation, looking at various artists' work. Students explore the language of drawing and mark making, using different media, including some simple print making techniques. Unconventional tools and

materials will be provided for experimentation.


Day 2

Students look at elements of sculpture with reference to a cross-section of sculptors' work. There will be the opportunity to work with clay and to experiment with found objects.


Day 3

The final day of the course provides the opportunity for students to make an artwork, either individually or collaboratively, gathering concepts gained in the previous two days. Students will be encouraged to document their work.

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