Tutors: David Baldry, Annabel Dover and Katarzyna Coleman


This structured and exciting three day drawing programme aims to develop skills, broaden practice, encourage risk taking and build confidence in drawing and creative inquiry. You will be challenged in a variety of ways and be invited to interrogate your own work. The course will ask you to work with a variety of materials, both wet and dry, and will promote working at different scales. There will be a critique at the end of each day, with an opportunity to exhibit a selection of your work at the end of the third day. You will work in a variety of locations.

Each 3 day course costs £270 inclusive. 9 days of courses of  your choice adds up to the Aldeburgh Academy Summer Diploma. Please email us via the contact form to make your booking, or ring 01728 452754 for more information.

* Required

Drawing Friday 30th June-Sunday 2nd July

Day 1

The course starts with drawing from the figure. This is an informal session that includes confidence building aspects, as well as more sustained exercises. Students will work in a variety of media and be encouraged to work outside their comfort zone.


Day 2

Students consider decorative aspects of drawing, making use of both natural and man-made objects. This includes exploring pattern and colour as well as scale and surface.


Day 3

The group will be asked to think about landscape in its broadest context. Drawing on the immediate surroundings, students will explore scale and format, using a notebook to large scale paper. They will be encouraged to develop an understanding of composition, structure, focal point, tone and mark making. Tutors will demonstrate new approaches with drawing media and materials.


All materials are provided.

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